This website provides access to the Healthcare Transparency Register (Transparantieregister Zorg), which provides information on certain financial relationships between healthcare providers, healthcare organisations and companies.
A financial relationship is deemed to exist if a company makes payments in money or kind to, for example, a healthcare provider or organisation. The Healthcare Transparency Register makes it possible for the public to have insight in those relationships. The Register was set up by the associations for healthcare providers, healthcare organisations and the business community with the aim of giving patients and consumers insight into the relation between their healthcare providers and the healthcare industry.

Consult the register

This link leads to the search page with which you can check the Transparency Register using the healthcare provider’s name or ‘BIG’ number (the registration number for individual healthcare providers; see or the name or Chamber of Commerce number of the healthcare organisation, in combination with the place where it is located.

For Companies

This link enables companies to report a financial relationship or to apply for access to the register.

For Healthcare professionals and organizations

This link enables healthcare providers and organisations to report a financial relationship, to check financial relationships which have not been published yet, or to apply for access to the register.