About the Transparancy Register

The Healthcare Transparency Register Foundation (Stichting Transparantieregister Zorg) was set up at the initiative of CGR, the Dutch Foundation for the Code for Pharmaceutical Advertising, in 2012 with the aim of providing insight into the financial relationships between healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical industry. The Healthcare Transparency Register Foundation keeps a central register where the general public can find information on certain financial relationships between healthcare providers and organisations and pharmaceutical companies. The register was expanded to include the financial relationships between vets and the veterinary pharmaceuticals industry in 2014 and, as of 2016, the relationships between healthcare providers and the medical devices industry. Transparency has become an important condition in many other sectors and professions, which is why the foundation was set up as an organisation which would operate independently for every sector.

The Healthcare Transparency Register Foundation is headed by a secretary who operates independently and who is supervised by a Supervisory Board comprised of representatives from the relevant associations of healthcare providers, healthcare organisations and companies. It set up a central database and web portal with a subsidy from the Dutch Ministry of Health in 2012. Financial relationships which are reported to the Healthcare Transparency Register are processed by KNMG Opleiding & Registratie (the training and registration division of the Royal Dutch Medical Association).

The Healthcare Transparency Register processes the data on companies and healthcare providers and organisations at the instructions of three organisations: the CGR (Foundation for the Code for Pharmaceutical Advertising, the CAVP (the Committee for the Promotion of Veterinary Products) and the GMH (the Foundation for the Code for Medical Devices). More information on the transparency regulations is available on the CGR, CAVP and GMH websites.

As for the disclosure of financial relationships, the above-mentioned codes of conduct stipulate that healthcare providers on the one hand and companies on the other are required to disclose information on their financial relationships to the Transparency Register. The parties have agreed that, in the first instance, companies have the duty to report the financial relationships they have entered into in the Netherlands. If there is a financial relationship with a company located outside the Netherlands, the duty to report the information to the Register lies with the relevant healthcare provider or organisation that is active on the Dutch market.

Organisations which have endorsed the transparancy rules are:
Vereniging Innovatieve Geneesmiddelen (Vereniging innovatieve geneesmiddelen Nederland)
Bogin (Bond van de generieke geneesmiddelenindustrie Nederland)
Neprofarm (Nederlandse Vereniging van de Farmaceutische Industrie van Zelfzorggeneesmiddelen en Gezondheidsproducten)
FHI (Federatie van Technologiebranches)
Nefemed (Medische hulpmiddelen en technologie bedrijven)
FIDIN (Fabrikanten en Importeurs van Diergeneesmiddelen in Nederland)
KNMG (Koninklijke Nederlandsche Maatschappij tot bevordering der Geneeskunst)
KNMP (Koninklijke Nederlandse maatschappij ter bevordering der Pharmacie)
KNMvD (Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij voor Diergeneeskunde)
CPD (Collectief Praktiserende Dierenartsen)
V&VN (Verpleegkundigen & Verzorgenden Nederland)
NAPA (Nederlandse Associatie Physician Assistants)
NVZ (Nederlandse Vereniging van Ziekenhuizen)
NFU (Nederlandse Federatie van Universitair Medische Centra)
OMS (Orde van Medisch Specialisten)
LHV (Landelijke Huisartsen Vereniging)

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