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The business community, research bodies, the academic world, healthcare providers and healthcare organisations have collaborated for years to provide new and improved pharmaceutical and veterinary products, medical devices and treatment methods which benefit us all. These forms of collaboration, however, sometimes involve finance. The Healthcare Transparency Register provides insight into the type of collaboration a healthcare provider or organisation has with certain companies as well as its financial value.

What can you find in the register?
The Register records the financial relationships between healthcare providers or organisations and a company with a minimum value of €500 in any given year. In 2014, that applied to 1,700 individual medical practitioners - just under 3% of the medical practitioners registered in the Netherlands, mostly medical specialists and consultants. There’s therefore a good chance you won’t find an entry in the Register for your medical practitioner. The types of the financial relationships that you can find concern contracts for services, sponsoring or hospitality. Click here for details of what the Register does and doesn’t record. The Register provides information on the nature of the financial relationships and the value or intensity of that relationship, but gives no information on the beneficiary of the value that is reported. And in many cases, the sum paid for the services of a healthcare provider is in fact paid to the organisation for which that provider works.

How does it work?
You can search the Register using a name or the ‘BIG’ number of an individual medical practitioner or other healthcare provider (, the ‘UDN’ number (the unique veterinary number;, or the name or Chamber of Commerce number of the healthcare organisation in combination with the place where it is located. The information in respect of the preceding year is released in June and is deleted from the Register after three years.   

Click here to consult the Register.