Find your healthcare professional

Find your healthcare professional with the BIG-number
Healthcare professionals, for example physicians, pharmacists and nurses, are individually registered in the Healthcare Transparency Register by their personal BIG-number. You can find the BIG-number of an individual healthcare professional on For veterinarians, you can find the registration number in the veterinaryregister on Subsequently, you can use these numbers in the search engine below.

Find your healthcare organisation with the KvK-number
Healthcare organizations, such as hospitals and pharmacies, are registered in the Healthcare Transparency Register by their KvK-number. You can find the KvK-number on the KvK website.

How do I consult the register?

What will I find in the register?
In the Healthcare Transparency Register, you will find the financial relationships of healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations, patient organizations and veterinarians with suppliers of (veterinary) medicines and medical devices. The Healthcare Transparency Register does not register all financial relationships. The Register encompasses financial relationships that exceed €500. The initiators of the Register have also agreed which types of cooperation need to be registered and which do not

When you are looking for an individual healthcare professional, please consider the following:

- Not all physicians are registered
Physicians with financial relationships are mostly medical specialists. When you are looking for your general practitioner, it is likely that the Healthcare Transparency Registry will not show any results.

- The reimbursement paid does not always flow to the individual healthcare professional
The Healthcare Transparency Register does not show the exact beneficiary of the reimbursement. When a certain amount is reimbursed for the service of a healthcare professional, it is very well possible that the sum flowed to the healthcare organization where the healthcare professional works.

- Identification numbers veterinarians
In the Netherlands, there are two identification numbers for veterinarians: the UDN and the CIBG. The Healthcare Transparency Register uses the CIBG registration number, as provided by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

See here for a list of companies that have reported financial relationships.