Information for healthcare providers

Why has my name been registered?
Your name is mentioned in the Healthcare Transparency Register. This means that you have cooperated with a supplier of (veterinary) medicines or medical devices. For example, you have given a presentation, or the company has sponsored a project or research that your healthcare organisation or patient organisation conducts. 

Check the data in the Healthcare Transparency Register
Every year in July, the Register publishes the financial relationships reported in the preceding year. In case you have cooperated with a company in the preceding year and the Transparency rules apply to this cooperation, you will receive a notification of the reported relationship in June. You have until 30 June to check whether the reported information is correct. For this, you can log in to the portal with your DigiD.

It is possible that the Register reports your name for having received remuneration, but you have not received this amount personally. In that case, you have conducted the actual service (e.g. consultancy), and your health care organisation has received the remuneration. The contract between you, your health care organisation and the company will explicitly state that the reimbursement will be reported under your name.

Do you object to the reported financial relationships?
You have until 30 June to object to the reported relationships in the portal. The company that has reported the relationship, will obtain a notification in the portal. After consulting you or your healthcare organisation, the company corrects any potential errors. In case the errors are not resolved, please contact the Healthcare Transparency Register.

Want to know more about the Healthcare Transparency Register?
You will find more information on the working of the transparency rules on the following websites:
- Code Geneesmiddelenreclame (CGR)
- Code Aanprijzing Veterinaire Producten (CAVP)
- Gedragscode Medische Hulpmiddelen (GMH)