Information for companies

How to work with the Healthcare Transparency Register as a company
You have conducted a collaboration with a healthcare professional, healthcare organization or patient organization in the Netherlands. For example, a physician has given a presentation or you have cooperated on a healthcare project. If you have paid a reimbursement of at least €500, then you are bound by the Code of Conduct to report this financial relationships to the Healthcare Transparency Register.

The financial relationships between suppliers of (veterinary) medicines or medical devices with healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations or patient organizations are published annually in July by the Healthcare Transparency Register. This happens on the basis of the Codes of Conduct of several branches. In principle, you are responsible as a company for the reporting of the financial relationships to the Healthcare Transparency Register. If your company is established outside of the Netherlands, you can agree with the physician with whom you have cooperated that the Dutch subsidiary of your company will report the financial relationship. Alternatively, you can agree that the physician will report the financial relationship. 

Please contact the Transparency Register if all of the following conditions are met: 
- Your company needs to report a financial relationship
- Your company does not have a Dutch subsidiary that can report relationships to the Transparency Register
- Your company does not have an account with the Transparency Register
 We can be of assistance with practical matters or any questions you might have. Please contact the Transparency Register at

Report before the deadline
The following deadlines apply for reporting financial relationships:
- You can report financial relationships annually from January until 1 June in the year following the year in which the relationship took place
- Until the end of June, healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations and patient organizations can check the data and potentially object to faulty submissions. 
- Annually, the reported financial relationships will be published on this website mid-July 

How to submit information
There are two manners in which you can report your financial relationships:
  1. Manually submit the information in the portal, or
  2. Upload the Excel-template in the CSV-format once. You can find the template under ‘Templates’

What information to submit
The Healthcare Transparency Register requires the following information:
  • The identification number of your company (as provided by the Healthcare Transparency Register);
  • The identification number (BIG-/KvK-/registration number) of the benificiary; 
  • The e-mailaddress of the benificiary (to notify the benificiary of the reported relationship);
  • The number of the type of agreement (see uitleg overeenkomsttype)
  • The amount (in rounded number, without punctuation)

Who can submit information
There can only be one designated contact person per company. In case a foreign branch of your company has conducted financial relationships in the Netherlands that need to be registered, it is preferred that the Dutch branch reports these relationships through their account. Please contact us if problems arise. 

Costs of submission 
The costs to register a financial relationships in the Healthcare Transparency Register are:
1. There is a basefee of €200.
2. Depending on the number of reported financial relationships in the previous year, you will be placed in a category with the following contribution:
Number of reported sponsorships  Cost
A 1 t/m 19 100
B 20 t/m 49 350
C 50 t/m 99 750
D 100 t/m 250 1.750
E 250 t/m 499 3.750
F 500 e.v. 7.500

Objections by healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations and patient organizations
Healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations and patient organizations can object to a faulty submission of a financial relationship in their name. When this happens, you will receive a notification in the portal. The information submitted can be amended after consulting the objecting party. Amendments are made manually in the portal. In case you and the objecting party do not come to an agreement, please contact the Healthcare Transparency Register.

Want to know more?
You will find more information on workings of the transparency rules on the following websites:
- Code Geneesmiddelenreclame (CGR)
- Code Aanprijzing Veterinaire Producten (CAVP)
- Gedragscode Medische Hulpmiddelen (GMH)